How to register Smart TNT and SUN Simcard


In this article, I will show you on how to register your Smart, TNT, or SUN sim. Please follow the steps clearly.

  • First step is to open any browser in your device. But I recommend to use google chrome as your browser.

And type this link/URL in the browser “” or click right here.

  • Second follow this steps:
  1. Input your mobile number.
  2. Hit the checkbox option as an agree of the Term & Conditions.
  3. Hit the SEND OTP button.
  • You will received an SMS message for your OTP.
  • Input the OTP number and hit the VERIFY OTP button to continue the process. After that, alert modal will show as success and hit OK.
  • Step 1 for the registration. Fill out the necessary field and hit the NEXT button to continue.

For the available ID’s to present is listed bellow.

  • Step 2, Fill out the follow fields and hit NEXT button to continue.
  • After several information gathering. this will be the summary information that you filled in and you need to review it before you can process to submit.
  • Congratulation, Finally You’ve done registering your mobile phone.

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