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Refusal of Service

StrongHold VPN reserves the right to refuse to anyone at any time. We also reserves the right to suspend or delete your account without refund or prior notice.

Usage Policy

As a user of StrongHold VPN you must be worthy. You must not do phishing, spamming, doing hacking activities, downloading of copyrighted materials, and downloading torrents on non torrent servers. Do not download torrent files using non-torrent servers just connect to Download/Netflix server if you are into downloading(We strictly implement this not following instruction may lead your account to termination NO REFUND)

Reselling Policy

As a Reseller/Sub Reseller/Sub Administrator of StrongHold VPN you must be responsible. You must take good care of your clients by informing them about terms of service and privacy policy and latest updates. Reseller/Sub Reseller/Sub Administrator who is inactive or no history of voucher renewal within 4 months and have less than 10 credits will be demoted to member without refund or prior notice (old credits will retain upon renewal).

Refund Policy

We have a strict no refund policy, you are responsible for the decision you make for we have given you a test from our free servers.

Service Uptime Guarantee

Although StrongHold VPN has an excellent record for reliability, we do not offer an service uptime guarantee. However, our servers are monitored continuously and are rarely down except for scheduled maintenance, huge DDoS attacks, or hardware and software upgrades.

Privacy Policy

We do our best to protect your privacy by securing your account to highest encryption as possible, and by not taking any more information that is not technically required. We do not keep any logs especially in our applications that could be of interest to anyone.

StrongHold VPN reserves the right to amend any policies given above without notification.

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